How To Lose Weight Fast-10 Best Tips 2021

How To Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast is without any doubt one of the most concerning health problems of recent times.

There was a time when humans were entirely dependent on physical activity for their living. Problems like obesity and distinct health-related issues were not that prevalent back then, as conventional physical activity was a must for everyone.

There were very few cases of health damage except for natural issues like old age or epidemics.

So, when we close our eyes and think of primitive people, the image of a muscular body still floats in front of us. Even in movies or fiction, we do not witness any obese person in a rustic or primitive character. Indeed, they merely are a symbol of immeasurable health.

Inspired by them, today’s discussion on ‘How To Lose Weight Fast- 10 Best Tips 2021’ intends to give you some guidelines that will surely change your life.

How to lose weight fast

Present Health Issues

With an increase in the use of technology, several human health issues are reported to increase rapidly. And among them, Obesity or overweight is one of the tops in the world today. That’s why the best weight loss tips have become the talk of the internet.

From rushing to the gym to resorting to nutritionists for a diet chart, nothing is left out for people who undergo the weight loss process. And even after all these, getting the best weight loss tips or solution has become the needle in a haystack.

Moreover, on average, females have about six to eleven percent more body fat than men. From adolescence to menopause, even if they take fewer calories, they get more average body fat than men.

Hence some research shows that girls are far ahead of boys in this weight loss and diet regard. Consequently, starting to diet out of the blue or experimenting with unauthorized weight loss foods and products has become a trend these days.

But if you start a diet without taking the advice of a nutritionist, or if you reduce your diet completely, you will not only lose weight it will also cause various complex physical problems. Which later can become the cause of extreme suffering.

So better come up with facts like healthier ways of losing weight rather than questions such as how to lose weight fast!

Weight Loss

Do we know why we gain weight? In fact, there is a big connection between our weight gain and calories. If the amount of calories we consume every day does not burn and just accumulates in the body, then we will undoubtedly become fat. In other words, calorie loss is very important to keep the bodyweight right. But this is the toughest part now!

In a word, we gain weight only when the amount of calories we expend is less than the number of calories we gain. If we consume more calories than the calories used in our daily work and exercise, then our body starts accumulating fat.

All adults should control their diet and do adequate physical activity if they are concerned with how to lose weight fast. Dieting or trying to lose weight in a short time can often be detrimental to yourself. The only way to lose weight in a healthy way and in the long run is to make permanent changes in your eating habits and exercise.

The beginning can be through some small changes. Such as eating moderate amounts and refraining from drinking cold drinks containing fat, sugar, and alcohol, regular walking, etc. Many people reduce their eating habits for fear of getting fat again. If you reduce eating in a hurry, the amount of harm is more than the benefit.

Therefore, it is important to consciously make a list of foods and follow the rules and choose foods that will not cause weight gain but the body will get the necessary nutrients and you will also get to understand how to lose weight fast.

Best Weight Loss Tips to Know How to Lose Weight Fast

There are hundreds of ways to lose weight, but not all of them are applicable. Make sure the weight loss tips or diet chart you are following doesn’t endanger your future health. And take the moves required to obtain your desired fitness.

1. Cut off The Excess Fat From The Food

How to Lose Weight Fast
Cut off The Excess Fat From The Food

Many people want to lose weight by avoiding proteins like meat, milk, eggs, yogurt, etc. That’s undoubtedly a wrong approach to use in losing weight. In this case, the conventional notion of weight loss by eliminating protein is utterly baseless. That means you can take the necessary amount of proteins. In fact, to maintain our body’s natural structure and immune system, protein is indispensable. So,

  • You can eat meat but have to cut off the excess fat in the meat. And while eating chicken, avoid the chicken skin.
  • You can take milk every day if you want. However, it must be in moderation and without cream. Full cream milk can make you gain weight.
  • You can eat yogurt also. But make sure the yogurt is sour and the product ingredients are healthy and natural.

2. Start Your Day With Exercise 

How to lose weight fast
Start Your Day With Exercise

Many people think weight loss is just a matter of diet. But their concept is not right. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

And regular exercise will not only reduce your weight but will also reduce your risk of serious diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. If you really bothered about obesity and want to know how to lose weight fast then focus mostly on exercise.

  • You can start with skipping. Skipping is a very is and one of the most effective exercises out there. Skipping helps in burning an ample amount of calories.
  •  The purest air of the day is available in the morning. The morning air calms the body and mind. In pure air, the heart begins to circulate pure blood to different parts of the body. This greatly reduces the risk of later heart disease.
  • Practice walking for at least 20 to 30 minutes every morning. Because this walk of only 20-30 minutes every morning helps to stay well throughout the day and keeps the weight under control.
  •  Swimming is another highly effective exercise that helps in activating almost all the muscles of our body. Regular swimming will surely help in losing weight.
  • Don’t forget about Yoga. Yoga brings out the highest amount of mental pleasure than anything else. As well it is a very efficient way of losing weight. 

Simply put, no matter what you do for losing weight, there is no alternative to doing regular exercises. Regular exercises will keep you refreshed and fit forever. And you won’t have to keep asking questions like how to lose weight fast.

You can also check this for some of the best exercise plans.

3. Say No To Sugar

how to lose weight fast
Say No To Sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate found in plants, beverages, and dairy foods that provide calories to our bodies.

Simply, all foods, which contain carbohydrates, also contain sugar. And it is one of the sweetest enemies of our body. Though sugar helps in digestion and provides energy, consuming too much sugar can be very much dangerous. Therefore, it has a bittersweet reputation for our health. 

According to the National Cancer Institute, an adult person takes 24 teaspoons of extra sugar per day on an average, and which is equal to 384 calories.

Consuming extra sugar can cause weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, tooth decay, and many more severe health issues. So, there is no alternative to stopping the consumption of this white poison. For that,

  • Keep your breakfast sugar-free. And stay away from sugar-filled items such as cereals, pancakes, bread and butter, juices, waffles, muffins, jams, etc. Pick items like oatmeals, yogurt, avocado, eggs, etc. Which contain a very low amount of sugar or no sugar at all.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages like energy drinks, sodas, sports drinks, smoothies, and fruit juices. They contain a lot of sugar in themselves. Instead, you can take as much water as you want. You can also rely on homemade juices and green tea. 
  • Avoid desserts like ice cream, pastry, pies, doughnuts, chocolates, and sweets, that are loaded with sugar. However, you can rely on fresh and baked fruits.
  • If you are a sugar addict, go for naturally sweet alternatives like stevia and xylitol.

Finally, the most important thing is self-awareness. You have to be the one step up if you really are concerned about how to lose weight fast.

Stop consuming poison knowingly. Initially, it may seem hard. To make it less hard, try to not purchase sugars and keep sugar at home. That will leave you with no options, even if you feel like taking a little amount of sugar.

4. Drink More Water

how to lose weight fast
Drink More Water

Water is probably the only element that has no side effects from an overdose, on the contrary, you will benefit from it. Those who always think of how to lose weight fast no matter what the process is, should take this gold.

Drinking more water helps in boosting your metabolism, scrubbing the wastes of your body, suppressing appetite, and keeping yourself refreshed. A healthy person needs to drink 8 to 10 ounces of pure water daily to maintain proper hydration. 

  • The more water you drink, the less you feel the cravings for other foods. That will keep you away from overeating. So, drink a lot of water before taking your meal.
  • Drinking more water reduces muscle spasms and lubricates the joints. Which helps in taking your body’s strength and functions to the optimum level while working out.  Keep checking the color of your urine for getting a proper idea if you are taking enough water or not.
  • Replace high-calorie drinks like juice, tea, coffee, soda, etc with water. As water contains zero calories, it will surely change your calorie consumption and help you in terms of losing weight.
  • Waters can also save you from constipation and help in reducing belly bloat. Which creates an impact in losing weight.

So, undoubtedly drinking plenty of water has no alternatives. Especially when you are among the persons who are concerned with the process of how to lose weight.

5. Do Not Skip Breakfast

How to lose weight fast
Do Not Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, do not skip breakfast even if you are dieting. A healthy breakfast will offer you the energy you would like to start out the day.

It doesn’t necessitate a full course meal, rather boiled egg, bread, green tea, fruits will be enough. ButPrepare them at night, if you stay busy in the morning. But try not to skip the meal in the morning. It may have a long-term impact on your body.

Studies show that persons who take their breakfast regularly, eat fewer calories throughout the whole day, and have better nutrition habits.

However, taking no breakfast causes a low blood sugar rate and low metabolic rate.

Which later makes us feel more hungry and pushes us towards overeating.

But eating regular breakfast keeps us protected from overeating during the rest of the day.

For that, you need to make sure you are taking a healthy meal that includes-

  • Fruit smoothie made with yogurt.
  • Oatmeals, Cheese, and whole-grain crackers.
  • Cottage cheese coated with bruschetta, sliced tomatoes, olive oil, and dried basil.
  • A source of protein, which could be animal-based or plant-based.

However, you must avoid taking any kind of extra carbohydrates in breakfast. For that, you need to elude eating foods like doughnuts, muffins, chocolates, cereals, and other sugar-filled items.

Always remember, weight loss is not a magic spell, it’s a scientific process. And, if you don’t know the science behind how to lose weight fast, you will never be able to do it.

6. Stop Going To Restaurants and Asking How to Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast
Stop Going To Restaurants

The word ‘junk’ usually refers to unnecessary and ineffective things. And all those foods that are malnourished and completely ineffective for our health are junk foods.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials spend more than 45% of their food budget eating junk foods. And this is undoubtedly one of the key causes of obesity nowadays. Because, junk food such as burgers, pizza, pasta, french fries, and many more contain loads of unwanted nutrients (ex. sugar, oil, food dyes, salt, and a variety of artificial chemicals). That creates an artificial demand by increasing the taste of food.

To avoid eating junk foods, the first thing you need is determination and self-awareness. Then you can take some more effective steps like the following.

  • Usually, when we are too hungry, we have more cravings for fast foods. It likewise drives us to overeat. Hence, try not to leave your stomach entirely empty. It is essential to have food at regular intervals.
  • Force yourself to think again and again about the harmful aspects and side effects of eating junk foods.
  • At times when your fast food cravings are usually high and the places that make you vulnerable to fast food, try to avoid them.
  • Work on increasing your endurance and make it a habit to eat nutritious food instead of fast food.
  • Eat foods made up of grains, like red flour bread, rice, and pasta. These are digested more slowly than other foods so your stomach stays full for an extended time.

However, above all the techniques and approaches you take, your determination towards losing weight and keeping yourself healthy will work in the most effective way. And will also keep you engaged with your thought on how to lose weight fast.

7. Never Let Your Stomach Be Empty

How to lose weight fast
Take protein, Fat and Vegetables

One of the most important things for keeping your weight in control is to refrain from overeating. And for that, you need to make sure that your stomach doesn’t stay completely empty. Those who are thinking about how to lose weight fast should take this with real seriousness.

  • If at any time you feel very hungry, drink a glass of water or a cup of tea without sugar. You can also eat nuts, almonds, and sugar-free healthy snacks. These are good for health.
  •  Often when we think of ourselves as hungry, in fact, we are thirsty. Avoid high-calorie drinks. You can choose lemonade instead of sugary and fatty soft drinks.
  • Keep eggs, seeds, nuts, pulses, etc on the food list to meet the daily requirement of meat.
  • Eat lots of salads between meals. It will fill the stomach to eat less. You can put cucumber, carrot, and tomato in the salad. And put lots of vegetables and native fruits in the diet.

Finally, for fear of getting fat, make it a habit to eat 5/6 meals instead of 3 meals without skipping one or two meals. Because the greater the distance between the two foods, the more hungry we are. Which is more harmful to the body. So it is more helpful to look for the answer of how to lose weight fast by eating little by little than eating a lot of food at once without eating anything all day.

8. Take protein, Fat and Vegetables

How to lose weight fast
Take protein, Fat and Vegetables


Many people think that going for high protein foods such as eggs, meat and fish increases weight.

In answer to the question of how to lose weight fast, many people without thinking say that eating fish and meat should be reduced. But the reality is that protein does not actually increase weight, on the contrary, it helps to reduce weight.

And in a high protein diet, the stomach gets full very early. It also plays a role in eliminating feelings of hunger. But be careful when picking your protein.

You can rely on these sources for getting the best protein for yourself.

  • Seafood
  • Lean meats
  • Nuggets
  • Soy
  • Eggs
  • Kernels 
  • Seeds, etc.


When we hear fat, we only think of something harmful. However, it may be true sometimes but not every time. It is also important to take in moderate amounts of fat to maintain normal body growth and health. Focus on good fats. Like-

  • Cheese
  • Avocado
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Coconut Oil
  • Yogurt, etc.


And when it’s about vegetables, the benefits are always indescribable. To lose weight, you should always have plenty of vegetables in your diet. It ensures nutrition as well as appetite.

You can count on the following vegetables in response to how to lose weight fast.

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Green peas
  • Sweet potato.

9. Don’t Go For A Crash Diet

How to lose weight fast
Don’t Go For A Crash Diet and Focus on How to Lose Weight

Sometimes people get so panicked with obesity that they start following just anything and everything related to weight loss as they don’t know how to lose weight fast.

However, going for a crash diet always demands a second thought. Because, the food we eat provides all the nutrition such as fats, minerals, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc our body needs. And a minimum amount of them is needed in a regular interval for our body to assure good health.

When you suddenly diminish what you eat, it can be very arduous to meet your nutritional requirements. 

There are many side effects of the rapid weight-loss process including-

  • Problems like electrolyte imbalances, abnormal heart rate, and rhythm, low blood sugar, low pressure, dizziness, dehydration, acute gout, hair loss, weakness, constipation, and many more. 
  •  A crash diet may result in weakness and tiredness due to the lack of calories. Also, feeling hungry may keep you sidetracked from your scheduled works.  
  • One of the most dangerous things about a crash diet is it loses body mass instead of the fat from the body.
  • A crash diet forces you to lose your muscle mass. And lower muscle mass refers to lower BMR. Remarkably low-calorie diets also affect your thyroid hormones.
  • Most importantly this diet has a huge impact on our metabolic system. It slows down our metabolic system.

So, finally, it is always better not to go on a crash diet just to find out the fact that how to lose weight fast. Many are now leaning towards the Keto diet. In fact, in these diets, even if you lose weight in a short time, after a few days, the body accumulates fat again.

And these diets do not reach enough guidelines and not everyone can do it the right way. So the possibility of damaging the health by mistake is very high. Therefore, follow a proper diet. If you can not reduce initially, don’t despair. Follow the diet chart patiently.

10. Maintain a Routine Life To Discover How To Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast
Maintain a Routine Life

Our health largely depends on our lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, weight loss is not just a concept, it’s a process. And for any process to touch the golden wings of ultimate success, it demands an extraordinary level of discipline.  In fact, not just in losing weight, to be successful in any field of life, you must have discipline. If you have enough patience and dedication, you will definite

Take Control Over Your Habits

Our food consuming habit plays the biggest role in managing our weight. Just as the proper timing of eating habits can ensure our health by controlling our weight, and we can be at serious risk if our food-taking habits are not right.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure the right amount of nutritious food, at the right time and control ourselves by eliminating unhealthy junk foods to ensure the fact how to lose weight fast. Also start avoiding restaurants and bars. These are the places that motivate a person to eat unhealthily. 

Make sleep a priority

Proper sleep can help in increasing and controlling our metabolism and hormonal growth. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to serious health risks. Excessive sleep deprivation can also be a major cause of heart disease and obesity as a healthy person should get at least an average of 7-8 hours of sleep daily. By doing so, the concern on how to lose weight fast will not stay for longer.

Prioritize Outdoor Sports

As technology advances, so do we, and dependence on machines is increasing. Excessive use of technology is taking away everything from family entertainment to personal leisure time. Going out regularly, playing sports, or going for a walk, we are not interested in anything anymore.

Relying too heavily on these digital devices and losing connection with the outside world may at some point lead to serious damage. Make it a habit to go for a walk every day and do some exercise if possible. Give outdoor entertainment like playing soccer, basketball, cricket, etc, more priority than playing video games and watching tv sitting at home.

Research says waking up late can lead to serious health risks and obesity. So make it a habit to wake up very early in the morning. And then start to find out how to lose weight fast.

After all, for getting rid of obesity you need to change your whole lifestyle, not just a couple of habits. Because an excess of anything is bad. Sleep, eat or rest, all within a certain limit. And if you can maintain the right lifestyle, you never have to worry about how to lose weight. Your weight will start to lose on its own.

Final Thoughts on How to Lose Weight Fast

So, it is clear that diet control or dieting does not always support the idea of stopping to eat. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant exercise. But before dieting, try to figure out what diet is, how many types of diets are there, the benefits of a diet, and whether there are any side effects of the diet.
And to know how to lose weight fast in an appropriate way, make sure to consult an experienced dietitian. Because, according to your body’s needs, only a dietitian or nutritionist can tell you whether the diet you choose is suitable or not. And never set an inexperienced diet or follow a self-made diet chart. Remember, there is no greater gift than wellness.

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